Increase Your Practice Income, Referrals & Retention 

It’s Happened For ALL These Great Doctors.

Now It's Your Turn.

You can't argue with the numbers! We joined Dr. Wagner in 2017 and every year has been our BEST ever since! I've been in practice for nearly 20 years and have wasted a lot of money with outdated information, the latest "silver bullet", and more "patient education". He truly presents material that no one else does! This upcoming seminar in Chicago will be my 6th live training and it gets better every time! If you keep doin' what you're doin', you'll keep gettin' what you're gettin'! It's time to do something different! 

"$100,000 Collections Increase
in 6 Months"
Dr. Mark Domanski 
Savannah, GA
Dr. Mark Domanski 
Savannah, GA
"Completely Takes the Stress
Out of Practice"
Dr. Nitan Arora  
Winnipeg, Canada
Dr. Nitan Arora 
Winnipeg, Canada
Since working with you I feel like a stress has been lifted since I don’t feel like I am having to figure this out own my own. Thank you so much.”
Dr. John Ballam
Cary, NC
"35% Increase in Collections in 4-5 Weeks"
Dr. Billy Long 
Calabasas, CA
"I have the office I love and I’m happy to go in every day, 100% cash, 17 hours/week."
Dr. Jeff Grosskopf
Wauwatosa, WI
"Huge Return on Investment in Just a Couple Months…You’ve Shown Us How to Be The Best At What We Do."
Dr. Brandon Mahaffy
Charlotte, NC
"My Patients Listen to Me More Now. I Highly Recommend THE PPFS to All Chiropractors"
Dr. Ben Shier 
Beaver Dam, WI
"Thank You SO Much.."
Dr. Winnie Wong 
What Separates
Patient Mastery?
- Works for any type of practice: insurance or cash, straight, functional medicine 
or any modalities

- You will always receive a response within 24 hours of questions or support needed

- Live Events Included for Entire Team

- Mentor Connection

- Keep All Content For Life

- 2X/Week Group Coaching Calls

- Everything you are taught you can share with your patients, spouse, the media
= Real Power

The highest converting new patient process in Chiropractic & personal development material
 to become the Go-To doctor in town.



Our goal is to make a real difference for you and your practice on this call. 
Schedule your call when you have 45 minutes to speak undistracted.

The call will show you where you're stuck 
from your best practice growth and income.

If we're a fit for your practice goals we'll show you how we can 
help you help more people and create the income and lifestyle you desire.
"$25,000 More/Month Over Average"
Dr. Sean Mahoney
"I Got My Life Back"
Dr. David Sundy, 
San Francisco, CA
"20% Busier in 5 weeks.  
Exceeded my 1st year goals by month 4!"
Dr. Andrew Robson, UK
"Much More Fun, Outgrew Old Ways...
More Time, True Abundance..."
Dr. Matt Lyon, Charlotte, NC
"30% More Income In 6 Weeks"
Dr. Rina Tinozzi, Corte Madera, CA
"43 New Patients Last Month"
Dr. Adam Osenga, Fort Wayne, IN
Drs. Tilyr and Kellie Dunklow, Burlington, VT
"Half of our New Patients are Referrals / Recommendations So Much Easier"
Dr. Wayne Neal, Smyrna, GA
"I Have a Confession…."
"Income Increase 30% (in 2 months)"
Dr. Thomas Caley, Philadelphia, PA
"Patients are Referring / Huge Stress Relief /
Don’t Have Work as Hard or Pay as Much.."
Dr. Krysta Stickler, Pueblo, CO
Live Training Attendees
Dr. Rina Tinozzi
Corte Madera, CA
Dr. Surider Sandu
United Kingdom
Dr. Mike Lim
San Diego, CA
Dr. Chris Norton
San Diego, CA
Dr. Rafael Ramon
San Diego, CA
Michelle Passmore
Perth, AU
Dr. Trevor Hampton
Hampton, MO

"I started this program in hopes of improving patient retention.
Retention has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more new patients in my first month.

Patients are now coming to me to get their "lives back" instead of getting their 'back popped'. 

Thank you"

"I started this program in hopes of improving patient retention.
Retention has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more new patients in my first month.

Patients are now coming to me to get their "lives back" instead of getting 
their 'back popped'. 

Thank you"

Since joining Patient Mastery, I continue to see many more new patients. It's a steady flow of so many new patients that I have to schedule them days out! Thats a new one for me :)

Income is up, obviously and it is fun! The results have already been amazing! I appreciate you, Jenna and all that you've done for me! Can't wait to see you in May!
Dr. Tony Jones 
Hubbard, OH
Dr. Tony Jones 
Hubbard, OH
Since joining Patient Mastery, I continue to see many more new patients. It's a steady flow of so many new patients that I have to schedule them days out! Thats a new one for me :) 

Income is up, obviously and it is fun! The results have already been amazing! I appreciate you, Jenna and all that you've done for me! Can't wait to see you in May!
 I Am Feeling More At Peace Since Patients Are Starting Care And My Expenses Have Gone Down.
Dr. Mark Aldridge
Lehi, UT

"Before I joined up with PPFS I was spending over $1000 a month on Facebook advertising and I got tired of constantly trying to get new people in the door.

Since joining it seems like the more I prepare on the consult the more new patients call in.

Over the last two weeks all my reports have started care. My confidence is increasing. I am feeling more at peace since patients are starting care and my expenses have gone down.
The communication with new patients is great. It feels like I'm creating a better experience which has resulted in referrals.
Thank you. 
I'm looking forward to what lies ahead."
Dr. Brian Dower
Toronto, CA
 Just Finishing Up Module 1 and Already Feel A Renewed and Purposeful Sense of Focus and Energy for the New Patient Encounter.
"Just finishing up Module 1 and already feel a renewed and purposeful sense of focus and energy for the 
New Patient encounter.

Josh's approach to teaching this material has been very much different than other coaching material I've encountered. It's relevant, up-to-date and works within the world we now live in.
Getting full plan payments up front has been much easier than anticipated, both for me and for my staff. 
Looking forward to Module 2."
Dr. Brian Dower
Toronto, CA
Dr. Brian Dower
Toronto, CA
 I Highly Recommend Both the PPFS System and the In-Person Trainings.
Dr. Anthony Cutting
Eugene, OR
Dr. Anthony Cutting
Eugene, OR
"I had a lot of self-sabotaging limiting beliefs holding me back. However, by really diving all in with the PPFS and reaching out to Josh throughout this process I have begun to clear out my self-imposed limitations and realize I am deserving and able to achieve amazing success.

 Josh has helped me fix the little things with mindset, energy, and verbiage that are crucial to laying a strong foundation to better connect with patients.

A huge shift for me came when my wife and I attended the Training in San Diego. I highly recommend both the PPFS system and the in-person trainings. 

Josh is so genuine and truly means it when he says he's there for you and wants the absolute best for you and your success."
 Practice is Amazing. Paying Myself 4x More... ZERO STRESS.
“New Patient numbers are up 20% per month BUT 100% of my new patients are coming from referrals or online reviews! Because of this, I was able to eliminate a couple larger advertising expenses which has drastically increased my profitability. 

Patient buy-in is almost 100%. The practice still is 100% independent from Insurance reimbursement. 

My mindset is completely changed. My communication is un-needy and service driven. They know each visit is going to be specific to treating what's going on and meet their goals, not mine. My patient's know I'm here to help them and I'm going to give them an honest recommendation. 

I've even cut a few hours from my week.

Emphasizing profitability again: I'm paying myself 4x more than I was at that time while working less hours in office and no marketing. 
Ultimately, practice is amazing. People can't believe that I run a practice all by myself, I'm making a good living, and I'm able to say it's ZERO STRESS. 

Thank you for your wisdom and continued support." 
Dr. Paul Kaminski
Grand Rapids, MI 
Dr. Paul Kaminski
Grand Rapids, MI 
 Numbers Growing & Practice Becoming Fun Again!
“Module 1 has been great and module 2
has already given me new insights.  

My numbers are growing and practice is becoming fun again!  

Thank you for being accessible and always making me feel like "You want what I want"! 

The program is congruent with me and I love that
there are no scripts!   

I highly recommend PPFS!!" 
Dr. Kimberly Woods
Shreveport, LA 
 Wow. Thank You. I Can See My Practice
Has Been Transformed.
“It [2 Day Patient Mastery Training] was one of the most
inspiring seminars I had attended for a long time.

Wow. Thank you. I can see my practice has been transformed and Who I Am Being is a whole new purpose
I got in my life and practice.

The old proverbial "To love, to serve, and to give"
is being realized in my soul.”
Dr. Hoon Lim
San Diego, California
 It's Making A Big Difference -
Not Just To Our Income,
But The Whole Mentality And Feel Of Our Practice.
"I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but Dr Josh's coaching program has been so fantastic I had to make an exception!

We're only just into Module 2 of the PPFS and already it's making a big difference - not just to our income, but the whole mentality and feel of our practice.

The last year I was starting to become a bit jaded with practice, and felt like I'd lost the spark for Chiropractic a little.

But thanks to this program I'm not just busier, but I enjoy work so much more as well - and my patients can really sense this too. 

Best of all Josh keeps in touch and is always there to offer advice - he doesn't try to "sell" you his time like most other coaches. And his ideas on what 21st Century Chiropractic practice should look like are truly groundbreaking! 

I'd wholeheartedly recommend this to any DC looking to improve their patient outcomes, income and job satisfaction."
 Dr. Chris Chippendale,
United Kingdom
 Dr. Wagner Serves At The Highest Level.
Dr. Bryan Asby
Carrolton, Texas
"Dr. Wagner does a phenomenal job of bettering the chiropractic profession. He makes it very evident in his willingness continually serve each member and chiropractic as a whole.

A true leader is someone who serves, 
Dr. Wagner serves at the highest level."
 The PPFS Gives You Peace
For Your Family Life And Future.
"I have worked with a number of coaching groups and have had good results. Yet, working with The PPFS and Dr. Josh Wagner has continuously allowed and encouraged me to express myself and practice within my own integrity. 

I have not experienced this before as it always seemed that coaching meant fitting a specific mold. 
I've learned to work hard but I've also met burnout, and the joy of practice got lost along the way.
This isn't the case with PPFS.

Practicing in this manner ensures you enjoy heading into your office on Monday morning as much as it allows you to be most effective when influencing your existing patients or winning over your new ones. This means better revenue.

Above all, working with The PPFS gives you peace for your family life and future as well as contributing to your 
day to day calm, confidence and effectiveness."
 Dr. Miro Bandalo,
Nolensville, Tennessee
 We Have Seen A Huge Increase
In Patient Retention And Referrals
Dr. Ben Heun,
Ames, Iowa
"Just by implementing the strategies
for the new patient consult and recommendations 
we have seen a 
huge increase in patient retention and referrals."
"Just by implementing the strategies
for the new patient consult and recommendations 
we have seen a 
huge increase in patient retention and referrals."
 I Learned Many New Distinctions and Have Changed My Day 1 and Day 2 Procedures With Great Results.
“In practice for 25 years and I’ve had several coaches and taken many courses.  

After The Perfect Patient Funnel System, I learned many new distinctions and have changed my day 1 and day 2 procedures with great results.

 I connect with new clients authentically without scripts.

 The mindsets, energies, and essentials that Josh teaches can benefit all DC’s become better in client communications, closing, confidence, and certainty.

 If you haven’t signed up for the PPFS do it today.“
 Dr. Mike Headlee,
Bemidji, MN
 None Of The 80s And 90s Scare Tactics
Or Insurance Games
"The PPFS is packed full of relevant information
for the current day chiropractor
None of the 80s and 90s scare tactics or insurance games."
 Dr. Jordan Bowen,
Greenville, PA
"The PPFS is packed full of relevant information
for the current day chiropractor
None of the 80s and 90s scare tactics or insurance games."
 Dr. Jordan Bowen,
Greenville, PA
 I Have Had Nearly 100% Compliance And Conversion.
 Dr. David Lang,
Decatur, Alabama
"I have had nearly 100% compliance and conversion. 

We've collected more in the month of Sept than any other month since opening.

Setting the tone and pace on Visit 1 has absolutely played a huge roll in compliance and conversions on visit 2. 

Thank you for your help. 

I didn't realize how much my systems needed changed until I saw the changes take place and allow me to enjoy practice again for the first time in nearly 9 years."
 Highest And Most Consistent Collections In The Practice's 30 Year History.
"In my functional medicine practice patients are 100% cash and their plans are generally a much higher case fee than only chiropractic. 

After using Josh's principles the feeling of rapport and connection with new patients now is incredible and it's made me enjoy enrolling patients rather than having my financial conversations feel like a battle.

This year since using Patient Mastery in our chiropractic and functional medicine practice we're on track to have the highest and most consistent collections in the practice's 30 year history."
 Dr. Mike Lim, 
San Diego, CA
 What I Love About Josh is That He is a Hands-On Teacher With Great Communications Skills.
Dr. Susanne Bennett,
Santa Monica, CA
"I knew was that I needed some support. I was at a crossroad. I had a extremely successful cash practice for over 28 years, published two best selling books, have a radio show and owned a skin care company and more. But I was having a very difficult time making a decision whether or not to stop my clinical practice to go into a deep passion. This uncertainty affected my energy and mood, my laser sharp focus and of course my clinical practice. 

I needed some guidance and I was lucky enough
to watch one of Josh’s videos. 

I felt in my heart that something Josh would say or do, or some defining moment would help me center my focus and desire to make the right decision for my future!

What I love about Josh is that he is a hands-on teacher with great communications skills. He provides you with many profound dialogue that builds trust and gives the patient the opportunity to open up to you for inspiration and possibilities of hope and recovery. I am truly grateful to have taken his training, it definitely rekindled my passions of why I became a doctor."
 Best Month Ever for Collecting
"Even with the limited skills I have acquired so far from your program [1 month in] 
I noticed two significant objective improvements:

(1) More patients are asking for help with internal medicine problems 
(2) December has been my best month ever for collecting on service for non insurance payments, 
like corrective treatment post insurance coverage and non covered services."

Dr. Dan Fortuna
Berwyn, IL
 The Material has Given Me the Structure that I Need to LEAD New Patients.
"I felt really stuck for many years in my practice, wanting help but not knowing where to get it. In my mind the only option was the big pushy management companies whose tactics did not reflect my values. I kept coming back to Dr. Josh Wagner’s posts because he seemed so different than the others and finally decided to give the PPFS a shot. 
I’m working through module one and already I’m feeling much more confident with the initial consult and reccomendations. 

I wanted new patients but at the same time I didn’t because it felt so difficult and felt like it took so much time to have people understand what I did. I realized it doesn’t need to be as hard as I was making it out to be. The material has given me the structure that I need to LEAD new patients. And whenever I had a question, Josh really was there 100%.      

Thank You Josh for putting together such an amazing program."

Dr. Biljana Durickovic
 To Say My Life Has Changed 
Would Be an Understatement.
Dr. Trevor Colm
Austin, TX
 "In practice, our retention rate has gone from 40% to 90%, almost all of our patients pay for their entire care in full now, and are even referring in friends and family after the consult! 

I am having way more fun in practice with far less stress, 
working less hours and a huge sense of optimism for the future. 

Josh's help has improved my relationship with my friends, my wife, my daughter and most definitely my patients.   

If you are feeling stuck and want to break through, make the investment in yourself and get to work with Josh.
 To say my life has changed would be an understatement.”



Our goal is to make a real difference for you and your practice on this call. 
Schedule your call when you have 45 minutes to speak undistracted.

Your call will show you where your new patient process is keeping you stuck 
from your best practice growth and income.

If we find it, we'll show you what to do to fix it so you can help more people 
and have the lifestyle you desire.
Annapolis, MD
Can’t say enough good things about The PPFS
I can say without a doubt that what Josh is teaching in the PPFS is exactly what is missing from the current curriculum in chiropractic schools and is also not being taught in most, if not all, other chiropractic management companies.

Upon graduating, my wife and myself were involved with one of the more popular chiropractic management companies that promised to make us successful, see lots of patients, and make lots of money.

What wasn’t explained was that we would have to work 60 hours a week for the rest of our lives and constantly rebuild our practice due to having to constantly replace patients.
Ultimately, the high pressure sales tactics and 3 and 4 day new patient processes didn’t work for us. We weren’t doing well.
Along the way we discovered The PPFS and it is the perfect fit for us.

It was exactly what we were looking for.
What I love most about this system is that it isn’t dependent on charisma and the amount of hours of marketing you can put in screening or doing talks.
It’s about giving people a quality service based of THEIR needs, regardless of what WE want for them.
And inthe end, the patient is happy and comes back when they need us.
This is how it should be.
high quality service and care that markets it self.
Can’t say enough good things about the PPFS.
Thanks, Josh
Philadelphia, PA
Income Increase 30% (in 2 months)
The PPFS has opened my eyes to what I have been missing.
I had begun to notice my communication with patients wasn’t always working.
Since starting up with The PPFS not only has my income increased about 30%…
But also my inner small talk has stopped, my listening has deepened to a genuinely empa-thetic level, and my level of confidence has new patients on the edge of their chair eager to get their examination.
The PPFS Works! And best of all, you can apply whatever philosophy, approach or take you may have on Chiropractic and fit it in perfectly.
San Francisco, CA
Thank You
I want to thank you for your program and communication style.
Because of the PPFS I have had more patients ask about family plans in the last 3 weeks than in the past 9 years.
Countless Hours Saved, Helped Me Continue To Build
For anyone that is considering getting The PPFS: 
I would do it again in a heartbeat.
I entered The PPFS about 12 months ago.
My clinic was 6 years old and doing ok but like anything there is always room for improvement.
There is so much valuable content in his modules.
Here is a short list of what I have gained from using The Perfect Patient Funnel System:
1. Countless hours saved in training my associates how to communicate with patients to improve compliance and retention.
I thought I was going to have to write up a whole business system to guide associates on building effective relationships with patients but Josh has already done it – just better.
Mixing effective sales with the vital humanistic, patient focus that I wanted to keep in my practice.
2. Helped me continue to build enthusiasm and drive in both the treatment aspect of practice as well as the business building side.
3. When Josh claims to be there for you 100%… he means it with fast responses to questions.
4. Amazing generosity in providing the content to all my associates.
5. Truly getting me to act on goals and to continue personal as well as business development.
I could keep going…
I have 2 (and now soon to be 3) associates working for me.
I have gained more from his program than he even claims to offer.
Thanks again Josh — Love your work.
Anchorage, Alaska
Has Helped Me Help More People Through Chiropractic
Dr. Wagner’s insights regarding the underlying reasons for which patients seek chiropractic care, with his effective communication techniques to meet patients’ most urgent desires creates an incredibly effective platform for transforming the doctor patient interaction.
Rather than supplying cookie-cutter scripts that feel awkward and deceptive, Dr. Wagner’s advice aids the practitioner with a framework that is at once both simple to grasp and dy-namic in its ability to adapt to the individual patient’s needs.
The understandings I’ve gained from Dr. Wagner, System has helped me help more people through chiropractic by simplifying and clarifying the new patient interaction. And the real beauty of the concepts Dr. Wagner teaches is that they apply equally well to interactions outside the office, whether that’s with complete strangers or at home with your spouse.
Focusing on Dr. Wagner’s simple communication concepts, I’ve realized a radical change in the energy and mood of the practice atmosphere, and am pleased to say that it’s resulted in a dramatic increase in word of mouth referrals from new and current patients.
The first principles of The PPFS lay a foundation for the implementation of a host of effective strategies that show practitioners how to create a practice that can thrive outside of the never-ending rat-race for new patients.
Muskego, WI
Conversion Rate Above 90% in All Cash Office
Conversion Rate Above 90% in All Cash Office
The change in the office and in myself is incredible.
I’m no longer stressed going into an eval or ROF thinking about how to convince someone they need chiropractic care

The PPFS is exactly what this profession needs. 
No more scripts, no more gimmicks,
just a highly effective form of cominunication
That lets every new practice member who walks through the door know that thias is the office for them

The transformation in the first month was incredible.
Conversion rate above 90% in an all cash office,
but more importantly, more fun, more ease and less stress.
This is exactly what i envisioned practice to be like
Surprise, AZ
Patients Sign THEMselves Up For Care
In the practices I work in I have had 3 patients sign theinselves up for care before I gave the full doctors report.
They have said, ”So I need to come in X times per week..”
And it was a statement, not a question.

What you teach and help DC’s uncover about helping people is, in my opinion, the best.
Fort Wayne, IN
43 New Patients last Month…
Since Being the PPFS, I have gone back to the basics and focused on patient care.
Patients can sense that I have their best intrest at heart.
I am making sound recommendations based on patient’s cases and getting them well.
Referrals have certainly increased since joining as well.
I had 43 new patients last month which was great.
My practice is less than two years old.
I am looking froward to implementing more of the system!
New Zealand
Happier and More Fulfilled in Practice
The PPFS has shown me how to stay true to my Chiropractic principles while at the same time really listening and helping the patient get what they want.
I frequently get told by my patients that they have never felt so well under-stood, and I now finish my days much more relaxed and at ease.

Whatever your style of practice is I believe you can apply The PPFS and be happier and more fulfilled in practice.
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