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Do you feel STUCK at your current collections?

Is your practice successful but you're burnt-out? 

Do You Want To Become Go-To doctor in town...
The Best Chiropractor?

Do you want new patients to happily pay for your care
without ever feeling like you're selling?

If So, The Patient Mastery System Is For You. 

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The MAGIC of The Deserving Process For Achieving Your Goals
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$50K/Week Collections
$156K Collected in 1 Month
Who Patient Mastery LIVE Is For:
Patient Mastery LIVE Seminar
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Breaking Through Collections Ceiling
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Are You Ready To Start Collecting What You Deserve?

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Hi, I'm Dr. Josh Wagner and I'm personally inviting you to join us all at
Patient Mastery LIVE.
Here's exactly what you can expect...

Dr. Michael Gasiecki
Metter, GA

"My new Patient acceptance rate 
last month was 100%, 
up from 80-90%.

I've never been so relaxed and care free in 15 years in practice!"

Dr. Josh Wagner
International Speaker, Seminar Leader,
Author of "You Deserve It"
Creator of Patient Mastery
& Breakthrough Mastery 
  • ​Patient Mastery Works For ALL Types of Practices & Procedures
  • ​Start Getting Enthusiastic New Patient Investment & Retention 
  • ​Increase Your Practice Profits With Less Overhead AND Marketing
  • ​Get Feedback and Connection With Like-Minded Doctors
  • ​Feel Great About Everything You're Taught to Say and Do in Practice
  • ​Learn The Deserving Process Directly From Dr. Wagner
  • ​New Patient Attraction Strategies Taught By The Busiest Doctors


"$100,000 Collections Increase
w/i 1 Year"
Dr. Mark Domanski
Savannah, GA
"$25,000 More per Month Above Base After Training"
Dr. Sean Mahoney
Dr. Rafael Ramon
San Diego, CA

“This is watching the master at work. Dr. Wagner teaches how to deliver a great experience to patients”

Dr. Nick Manteris
"A Room Full of Hitters. Everyone Helps You Out!"
Dr. Mike Lim
San Diego, CA

“New Patient Conversion rate went up 30% and consistently grown every month for the past 5 months.“

Dr. Brent Maxwell

“I know how to establish that trust with every person
who comes through my door”

Dr. Mark Potter

“Transformed my office.
I'm becoming the best chiropractic office in my town.”

Dr. Aaron Morris
Barcelona, Spain

“Dr. Wagner explains how to get people what they want in practice
in a respectful and loving way towards the patients.”

Dr. Tim Goulart

“After 35 years in practice - I’m excited!”

Dr. Adam Curwood
Melbourne, AU

"Ethical. Feel Safe & Comfortable. 100% Recommend It."

Be The Go To Doctor In Your Town.

Veteran Doctors [15+ Years]
Re-Igniting Passion In Practice:
- Dr. Nitan Arora
Winnipeg, Canada

A simply amazing weekend. 

The transformation he has helped me make in my practice and how I view chiropractic
has been mind-boggling.
  The level of knowledge Josh brings is second to none. 

If you feel confused or feel uneasy with how you run your practice and feel you don’t resonate with what you’ve learned from other practice building “gurus,” 
you must come to one training with Josh. 

The most amazing, inspiring Chiropractic/Life mentor I have ever met.”

"I came to the training from a recommendation from another doctor. 
 I was looking to receive training on how to get my team on the same page with the Docs and finding out what we need to become to take care of more people for the right reasons. How do we go to the next level of patient service, getting both of our clinics running like well-oiled machines, therefore allowing me to step back and not be the main doctor. 

The first day exceeded my expectations 10x and by implementing what we have learned
will allow us to reach our goals.

Thank you, Dr. Wagner and staff!
It’s already changed my life.

I recommend this to ALL chiropractors who want more Life!"
- Dr. John Unruh
Rogers, Arkansas

It is never too late to transform your practice or your income.

You will meet doctors 30+ years in practice 
who have experienced everything in the profession
before Patient Mastery.

You will see their excitement and passion back,
they're practice growing
and wanting to contribute to YOUR growth.

- Dr. Phil Ulmschneider 
Ozark, Arkansas

“I have been in practice going on 34 years, been in other management groups, 
so I have seen and heard the other approaches. 

Dr. Josh’s method is by far the best system to run a practice.

I came to Patient Mastery improve my skills using Patient Mastery and the shift I have seen in the consult and recommendations. It’s a joy to see a patients face light up in response to you just listening to them.

I am at more ease and do not stress about the practice as much.
More peace and the numbers have been improving also.
This is a more natural approach to dealing with new and current patients: less selling, less pressure. “ 

Thanks again for a fantastic life and practice changing experience.
 At 65 years young my passion has been reignited along with my team. So glad I brought them.

Over 36 years in chiropractic practice, hundreds of seminars and your Patient Mastery really rocks.

 You certainly deserve to be recognized as one of the tops in our profession.

- Dr. Ken Koehler | Netherlands
- Dr. Aaron Morris  
Barcelona, Spain

“I came to Patient Mastery to get a few gems for Day 1 and 2 and I ended up getting so much more!

I Love the way Josh presents an approach to communicating in a Loving, Powerful, and Persuasive way. 

It was awesome and I wish I had heard these strategies years ago. I recommend this to all DCs and students that want to be better and want to step into their power for the betterment of their patients
and the profession. Thank you Josh!”


Established Doctors [5-15 Years]
Loving Practice & Success: 
Dr. Patrick Ess | Buffalo, NY

”I came to improve patient communication that is honest and sincere and makes sense to patients without using shady scare tactics. That is exactly what Dr. Josh teaches. 

Of all the seminars I have been to over 17 years this is by far the best and will be the only seminar
I plan to attend for patient communication and practice building.
"I came to training because I felt I was just coasting in practice.

I was content but felt like I could and should be better.
The last few days has been exactly what I needed to have my focus and re-energize. 

I can’t wait to implement my action list and really start to grow with The Deserving Process."
Dr. Nick Albert
Muskego, Wisconsin
Dr. Jan Lefkowitz | NYC

”Attending the live training was vital to my full understanding.
I was already doing really well with Dr. Josh's program but there were several things
that I didn't have a full grasp of until I got live feedback from him in person. 

I have to say it was really a great choice to travel down for this. 
I did so well in my practice literally from the first morning I returned from the training 
I more than paid off any costs I incurred from the trip!

This was really a great investment!”
"I came to the training because I have been involved with other management groups and hated the messages they were teaching me to share with patients. 

So, I quit and have been doing it on my own for a long time. Then I found Dr. Josh and after starting the program and being in a training, everything has shifted and practice seems like it can be FUN again with feeling congruent with everything I believe in and say.

Thank you so much for giving me a shift and making practice fun again.

Dr. Nick Crom | Omaha, NE
- Dr. Josh Nelson 

"Josh’s work has given me the ability to improve my communication
with my patients which ultimately leads to better relationships 
in an honest and ethical way!

 Highly Recommended!"
“Although I was already familiar with Dr. Josh’s materials, coming to a live training provided so much more value. Being able to practice and discuss the new patient visit with other DC’s who understand 
it brings it to another level.

I’m also so glad we brought our team – the front desk are an invaluable part of the new patient experience, and they’ve gotten so much from the training too.

Anyone struggling with getting their team on board or understanding how to communicate with patients would do well to bring them.”
- Dr. Chris Chippendale
- Dr. Meggie Smith
Evanston, IL
"Dr. Josh's was the first seminar I have ever left feeling genuinely excited to implement what he taught.

This is the only seminar I have felt strong, engaged and energized all weekend. Not because he was yelling from the stage, but because he was speaking with honesty, integrity and practicality. 

His seminar is incredibly grounding.

Josh instills a rare mixture of integrity and practicality in his program. 

Highly recommend you check it out if you are feeling burned out and skeptical of the manipulative tactics of most chiropractic practice management programs."

“You will get Ease, Joy, Less Stress. You become the doctor.
You feel the strength and confidence you should. 

It's not fake, it's real.
Life is better having done the program. 
There is no anxiety, no uncertainty, no bullshit.

You become free. It’s sustainable.
- Dr. Michael Charlton
- Dr. Whitney Malina
Decatur, GA
I came to the training to better understand the Deserving Process which lays the groundwork for becoming more certain and confident in a patient consult and care recommendations. 

I loved this training because I’ve practiced with more seasoned docs to get feedback and critique.

Josh is genuine, real and delivers solid material that can help any doc in today’s current market. 

I also came to bring my staff along and that has been very valuable. 

"I was blown away. 
Not only was the material and Dr. Wagner fantastic, 
but the interaction with the other docs and staff was amazing. 

This was truly unlike any other weekend I have spent in other training seminars. 

It was truly worth a weekend away from my family."
- Dr. Craig Heinrich


New Doctors [< 5 Years]
Starting Your Career Strong!

Do you dread giving the "ROF" you were taught in school
or by your last management company?

Do you want to give recommendations that you actually believe in
and STILL get paid like a professional?

Do you want to start your career off as the GO TO doctor in town,
the most trusted and respected
where everyone knows you have their best interest at heart
and want to pay you for your care?

Then do not miss Patient Mastery LIVE.

"In my Functional Medicine practice patients are 100% cash and their plans are generally a
much higher case fee than for only chiropractic.

After using Josh's principles the feeling of rapport and connection with new patients now is incredible and it's made me enjoy enrolling patients rather than having my financial conversations feel like a battle.

This year since using Patient Mastery in our chiropractic and functional medicine practice
we're on track to have the
highest and most consistent collections in my father's 30 year practice history."
Dr. Mike Lim
San Diego, CA
- Dr. Fraser McClymont

"5 years ago I emailed over 100 Chiropractors in NYC
(I wanted to work in NYC at the time) and Dr. Josh was the only one who replied.
Thank You for re-teaching me to look at patients as people, not numbers. "
“I have been coaching with Josh now for about 2 months.
To say my life has changed would be an understatement. 

  In practice, our retention rate has gone to 90% from 40%, almost all of our patients pay for their entire care in full now, and are even referring in friends and family after the consult!

I am having way more fun in practice with far less stress,
working less hours and a huge sense of optimism for the future.

osh's help has improved my relationship with my friends, my wife, my daughter
and most definitely my patients.  

If you are feeling stuck and want to break through, make the investment in yourself
and get to work with Josh.  It will change your life.”
- Dr. Trevor Colm
- Dr. Trevor Hampton
Belton, MO
"There will be several moments at this seminar where you will have an epiphany 
and be excited about applying it to your practice and life.

 I started this program in hopes of improving patient retention.
Mine has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more new patients in my first month.
Patients are now coming to me to get their "lives back" instead of getting their "back popped".

Thank you."


Staff Attendee Success
How vital is the strength of your team
to your practice success and happiness?

Bring your team for your practice to grow even quicker.
"Completely Invaluable"
Melanie Fosczc
Office Manager
Amy Richardson
Office Manager and Nutritionist
Doug Marsden
Nutrition Packages

"I'm Making A Lot More Money Lately"

"Within 4 weeks of Beginning'

"April Collections = $75,195"

Your 100% Money Back Guarantee

If at the end of the training it was not worth the investment or your time,
at the close of the event turn in all materials you have been given
and let us know why it wasn't of value to you.

We'll refund your tuition fully. 

We Believe In What We Deliver.

We're here for you to become the most referred-to, sought-after and respected doctor 
while giving your new patients the most exceptional experience with Chiropractic
they have ever had before.

Your patients, spouse, and local media could be in the back of the room the entire training
and hear everything you are taught to say and do.

Most doctors exceed their total event investments [travel too]
within the first 3 days back in practice. 

Then the rest of your career it is ALL profit.
We expect the same to happen for you.

Nothing you are taught will raise your practice overhead
or increase your marketing expense.

That's Power in Practice.

Why would you wait on being there with us?

Click For Your Seminar Location Below Before Sold Out Or Have To Wait Another Year:
What This Training Will NOT Be:
  • ​Teaching You To Cut Your Fees in Half For a "Pre-Pay Right Now" Sales Pitch.  
  • Hard Sell New Patients or do anything you would not feel comfortable putting your own mother through.
  • ​Ra-Ra Motivation without INVALUABLE CONTENT
    you will use on Monday for immediate results.

What Makes This Training Different?
  •  Your Patients Could Be In the Back of the Room the Entire Time & Love Everything They Hear
  •  You'll NEVER Be Taught To Be a Scripted Robot 
  •   You'll NEVER Be Taught To Say or Recommend Anything To New Patients You're Not 100% Congruent With 
  •  You'll NEVER Feel Like a Salesperson in Your Practice or Town
  •  100% Money-Back Guarantee
"Every Chiropractor Needs To Hear
What You Have To Say"
"Contributed To More Care Plans In The Last Month Than 18 Prior"
"I'm Used To Referrals
But Not This Quickly!!"
“Patient Mastery strategies are innovative, refreshing and vital for DC practice growth and success.”

– David Marcarian,
Founder of MyoVision Technology

“I want to commend you on the program you have put together. Because at first I was skeptical.
I went through it and I am very impressed
with what you have done.” 

– Arno Burnier, DC

More Reasons To Get Here:
Your Team Grows Stronger 
Group Learning + BONUS Sessions
Venue Hotel Room Savings
Connect With AMAZING Doctors
Dinners Out Together
Separate CA Training [U.S. Only]

"Every Chiropractor needs 
to see this content."

– Dr. Oliver Dans

"Fresh new way to help explain chiropractic to patients in a meaning full way that gets them motivated to start care. 

Explaining the facts and being honest
without trying to sound like a salesman."

– Dr. Nick Ujdur

"I came to this training as I have heard nothing BUT great things about Dr. Josh Wagner. 

My fellow co-workers attended this seminar last year and have incorporated Josh's techniques throughout multiple clinics. They all felt that it was very helpful and amazing. 

They explained it as it was something I MUST experience and gain exposure to. I can definitely see why they encouraged and organized me to attend.

I have learned so much - thank you Dr. Wagner !"

– Dr. Asena Bulbul

      Melbourne, Australia

"Best seminar ever! I loved it all! 

Not only was Dr. Josh great but all the doctors attending 
made it feel more like a family 
and so many things that I can use first thing on Monday!"

– Dr. Stephanie Marsden

Are you done paying for practice advice that makes your stomach turn, 
scripts you could never show your patients, 
and if the media saw your coaching manual our profession would be in shambles..?

All of the above makes great Chiropractors feel like frauds. 

If you've ever experienced this, 
you can now be done with it forever.

Everything you get at 
Patient Mastery LIVE you can show the media, your spouse and even your patients.  

And they will ALL respect you even more.

You wouldn't be reading this if you weren't a great Chiropractor
ready for a new model to be trusted and respected,
a leading authority in healthcare 
and earning more than you ever have before.

And these strategies can be used for any practice type, philosophy, modalities OR location
[Functional Medicine, Nutrition, etc.].
Interested in Speaking With Us to Make Sure The Training is a Fit For Your Practice Goals?


Want To Get All The Strategies Before The Training For Immediate Growth?
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