The 3 Strategies You Can Instantly Implement To Double Your Patient Retention & Income
Secrets You NEED To Know:
How to get unlimited referals and income potential from your clients WITHOUT being a salesman.
The ''Recommendations System'' I applied that is adding more than $15678/mo on Chiropractors  that worked with Josh
The #1 Secret To 10xing Your Chiropractic Income Without Seeing New Patients... (not what you think)

Speaker For This Training:

Dr. Josh Wagner

Dr. Wagner has taught hundreds of Chiropractors in more than 18 countries the highest converting new patient consult strategies to becoming the #1 sought after Chiropractor in Town without ever feeling like a salesperson.
More Successes From Doctors 
Just Like You:

"Collecting $25,000 More/month over average - Best coaching I've had in 34+ years in practice!"

- Dr. Sean Mahoney,
Burlington, VT

"I have the office I love happy to go in every day, 100% cash,
17 hours/week."

- Dr. Jeff Grosskopf
Wauwatosa, WI

"$100,000 Collections Increase
in 6 Months!"

- Dr. Mark Domanski
Savannah, GA

"Dr. Wagner's Completely Changed My Life In So Many Ways."

- Dr. Torry Hinson,
Boise, Idaho

"Practice is Amazing. Paying Myself 4x MORE... with ZERO STRESS."

- Dr. Paul Kaminski
Grand Rapids, MI 

"I Have Had Nearly 100% Compliance And Conversion."

- Dr. David Lang,
Decatur, Alabama

"I have been to 4 of Dr. Wagner's seminars and the week after EVERY one we collect at least $50K."

- Dr. Brad Richardson
BroomField, CO

"Patients now come to me to get their lives back instead of getting their back popped -
Retention has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more new patients in my first month."

- Dr. Trevor Hampton
Belton, MO
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