Become The Most Referred To, Sought After and Respected Doctor:

New Patient Process
Never Before Taught in Chiropractic
For Greatest Retention & Referrals.
Atlanta, GA: October 26-27  
Fri & Sat 9-6pm
Advanced Marketing Day 3 Add On
Sunday Oct. 28: 9-4pm
Become The Most Referred To, Sought After and Respected Doctor in Town This Year:

New Patient Process
Never Before Taught in Chiropractic
For Greatest Retention & Referrals.
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DAY 1: Breakthrough Mastery

Breakthrough the Redheaded Stepchild Stigma Inherited By Chiropractors

Love Showing Up to Your Practice Every Day

*Evening Member-ONLY Q&A Gathering
[PPFS or Breakthrough Mastery Doctors & Staff]

DAY 2: Patient Mastery

The Exact Steps with Every New Patient of the Perfect New Patient Process
[From First Phone Call through Recommendations Convo]

Never Feel Like a Salesperson To Your Patients

Stop Getting "I Need to Think About It..."  From New Patients
or Ever Treating Patients Like Something You Need to "Close".

*Evening Dinner Gathering ALL Invited

Advanced Marketing Execution Day 3 Add On
[Lunch Included]

Advanced Breakthrough Mastery Material

No Cost New Patient Marketing Strategies

Select Doctor Hot Seats For New Patient Marketing

Dr. Gasiecki

"My new Patient acceptance rate
last month was 100%,
up from 80-90%.

I've never been so relaxed and care free in 15 years in practice!"

- Dr. Michael Gasiecki
Netter, Georgia
Dr. Josh Wagner
Creator of
The Perfect Patient Funnel System,
DC Breakthrough Mastery 
& International Speaker
This Training Is Open to ALL Chiropractors
[Not JUST PPFS Members]
  •  Start Getting Enthusiastic New Patient Cash Care Start Up & Retention 
  •  Increase Your Practice Profits With Less Overhead AND Marketing
  •  Learn The New Care Plans That WORK BEST for Your Cash Patients 
  •  Get Personal Feedback and Connect With Great DCs
Sheraton Downtown - Atlanta, GA
October 26-28, 2018
Patient Mastery - Brisbane, AU 2018

“My Practice Life as I Have Known for 21 Years
Changed Monday Morning
Dr. John Berreta 
Pittsburgh, PA

This Doctor Brought His Team
to 3 Trainings. 

Prior to Attending, They Had Trouble Making Payroll...
Who Patient Mastery Is For:

Why Live Training Results CANNOT Be Accomplished Online or the Phone:
Working together IN PERSON you will give live feedback NOT possible online or over phone.
Create specific care recommendations for easier 
new patient investment. 
Connect with other great and like-mind DCs who want you to succeed.
The #1 Practice Stat in Chiropractic
Your # of New Patients Anymore...
It's How Many New Patients Are:
  • Paying You
  • Referring
  •  Staying With you 
Now You Have The Opportunity to Learn
The HIGHEST CONVERTING New Patient Consult,
Recommendations & Care Plans
Available to Chiropractors 
Without EVER Feeling Like a Salesperson or
Using Gimmicky Tactics That Hurt Your Reputation.
Expert Training For Your Staff:
Your Staff Will Be Trained By Dr. Kimberly Woods and Rubina, 
The BEST Front Desk Trainer There Is.

  • Training Topics Include:

  •   The Perfect New Patient Phone Call:
     Especially for the new patient expecting insurance to pay if you don't accept their coverage.
  •  Handling Patient Complaints and Objections
  •  Explaining Fees and Outstanding Balance
  •  Patient Reactivations, Referrals and Retention
  •  Office Organization for Focus and Efficiency
  •  The Easiest Way to Generate New Patients Without Spending a Dime
  •  Communicating the VALUE of Chiropractic AND the Doctor
  •  Properly Running Weekly Productive Team Meetings 
Training Attendees
Speak Out:
Dr. Rafael Ramon
San Diego, CA
Dr. Surider Sandu
United Kingdom
Dr. Mike Lim
San Diego, CA
Dr. Chris Norton
San Diego, CA
Dr. Mike Zalben
Los Angeles, CA
Stacy - Office Manager
Health in Balance, Laguna Beach
Dr. Jaron Banks
Tumwater, WA
Melanie Fosczc - Office Manager

Veteran Doctors [15+ Years] Re-Igniting Their Passion:
"$25,000 More per Month Above Base After Training"
Dr. Sean Mahoney

It was one of the most inspiring seminars I attended in a long time.
Wow.   Thank you.  

I can see that my practice has been transformed, and Who I Am Being is a whole new purpose I got in my life and practice.  
The old proverbial  
"To love, to serve, and to give" is being realized in my soul.”
Dr. Lim | San Diego, California
- Dr. Issam Ayache 
Beirut, Lebanon

“It has been 3 days with Dr. Josh Wagner. The Mindset day was a day of rebirth and awesomeness. It was a magic tool to delve into the past, 
to brighten the future, family wise and practice wise. 

The other days: Ironing the communication to have better understanding and success in the practice. I thank you Josh for your enthusiasm, care and honest approach to building a successful life and practice.
"I knew was that I needed some support. I was at a crossroad. I had a extremely successful cash practice for over 28 years, published two best selling books, have a radio show and owned a skin care company and more.

But I was having a very difficult time making a decision whether or not to stop my clinical practice to go into a deep passion. This uncertainty affected my energy and mood, my laser sharp focus and of course my clinical practice. 

I needed some guidance and I was lucky enough to watch one of Josh’s videos.
I felt in my heart that something Josh would say or do, or some defining moment would help me center my focus and desire to make the right decision for my future!
What I love about Josh is that he is a hands-on teacher with great communications. 

He provides you with many profound dialogue that builds trust and gives the patient the opportunity to open up to you for inspiration and possibilities of hope and recovery. 
I am truly grateful to have taken his training,
it definitely rekindled my passions of why I became a doctor." 
Dr. Susanne Bennett
Santa Monica, CA

“I have been a participant in the PPFS for a little over a year now
and my whole team loves it. 
We just attended the Patient Mastery training and we were blown away.
We are going back to our practice in the Netherlands
to implement what we learned.

Our Goal is to double the practice over the next 6 months
and we are very confident we will. Thanks Josh!”
- Dr. Ken Koehler | Netherlands
- Dr. Brian Dower | Toronto
"After 16 years in practice, I've come to a point where a new fire needed to be lit under me to push both myself and the practice forward. 
There have been some organizational changes in how my practice runs recently, and I realized that this year was the year to make a shift in communications and mindset to accommodate these changes. 

Day 1 of the workshop was pretty powerful. The Mindset Mastery training was interesting, functional, relevant and inspirational. Through progressive exercises, the training provided us with the opportunity 
to dig deep into our psyche to uncover what roadblocks may be getting in our way. Lots of epiphanies!

Day 2 offered a well-structured walk-through of how and, more importantly, why to improve Day 1 and 2 procedures. Smart, insightful and patient-focused approaches to every new patient encounter. 

 I haven't seen a lot of new and relevant training out there for chiropractors who know old-school practice management styles just don't cut it anymore. Dr. Josh is breaking new ground all over the place with this stuff! Highly effective and highly recommended. 
That fire has been lit.
Established Doctors [5-15 Years] Loving Practice: 
"Having attended Josh's live training earlier this year and I can say it is one of the best parts of his entire program.
I grew more in that one day than I had 4 months into the program.
Josh has a gift for picking up on details in person.

He was able to see areas I needed to change.
Since the training my consultation
and recommendation conversations 
have gone so much easier.  
More patients have been excited to start care"
Dr. John Ballam | North Carolina
Dr. Jan L. | NYC

”Attending the live training was vital to my full understanding.
I was already doing really well with Dr. Josh's program but there were several things that I didn't have a full grasp of until  
I got live feedback from him in person. 

I have to say it was really a great choice to travel down for this. 
I did so well in my practice 
literally from the first morning I returned from the training
I more than paid off any costs I incurred from the trip!
This was really a great investment!”

“Thank you for an amazing seminar.
I have been to many other seminars and  
I usually leave feeling like something is missing...
Not this time.  
This training was really enlightening  
and fulfilling.
Dr. Kim Woods | Louisiana
- Dr. Josh Nelson 
Owner of Thrive Health 

"Josh’s work has given me the ability to improve my communication
with my patients which ultimately leads to better relationships 
in an honest and ethical way!

 Highly Recommended!"

“You will get Ease, Joy, Less Stress. You become the doctor. You feel the strength and confidence you should. 
Its not fake, Its real. Life is better having done the program. 
There is no anxiety, no uncertainty,
no bullshit.

You become free. It’s sustainable.
- Dr. Michael Charlton
- Dr. Damian Treacey

"Greatly helped with communicating to new patients. 

The clarity of what we do so the patient has better understanding of what is wrong and how they can get their life back."
Newer Doctors [< 5 Years] Starting Strong:
"In my Functional Medicine practice patients are 100% cash and their plans are generally a much higher case fee than for only chiropractic.

After using Josh's principles the feeling of rapport and connection with new patients now is incredible and it's made me enjoy enrolling patients rather than having my financial conversations feel like a battle.

This year since using Patient Mastery in our chiropractic and functional medicine practice we're on track to have the
highest and most consistent collections in my father's 30 year practice history."
Dr. Mike Lim
San Diego, CA
- Dr. Peter Imlay

“Josh Wagner gave me the clarity to visualize who and what I wanted to be at home and work as a Chiro and dad/husband. 

The seminar allowed me to develop strategies to achieve my goals and respect the process rather than be frustrated with the process.

“If you feel unsure about why you do what we do everyday because of the stigma associated with chiropractic, 
then come and listen to Dr. Wagner’s unique outlook on building rapport 
and getting back to enjoying going to work again.
- Dr. Justin Woods
- Dr. Fraser McClymont

"5 years ago I emailed over 100 Chiropractors in NYC
(I wanted to work in NYC at the time) and Dr. Josh was the only one who replied.
Thank You for re-teaching me to look at patients as people, not numbers. "
What You'll Get At Patient Mastery:
100% Money Back Training Guarantee


If you don't think the training is worth the investment,
at the close of the event turn in all of your materials and let us know why it wasn't of value to you, 
we'll refund your tuition 100% and your hotel expense

We believe in what we deliver.

We're here for you to become the most referred to, sought after and respected DC in your community while giving your new patients the best experience with Chiropractic.
What This Training Will NOT Be:
  •  Motivation Without         INVALUABLE CONTENT
  •  Putting Any Attendee on The Spot or Singled Out
  •  Any Attendee Feeling Left Out w/o Attention
  •  Showing You To Cut Your Fees in Half For a Pre-Pay and Hard Sell or CLOSE Patients on Care Plans
  •  Giving Every New Patient Cookie Cutter 3x/week Care Plans for 3 Months 
    Crushing Your Referrals and Future Retention

What Makes This Training Different?
  • You'll NEVER Be Taught To Be a Scripted Robot With Patients
    Each Conversation Will Inspire Your New Patients To Invest In Your Care
  •  You'll NEVER Be Taught To Say or Recommend Anything You're Not 100% Congruent With 
  •  You'll NEVER Feel Like a Salesperson in Your Practice or Your Community
  •  100% Money Back Guarantee
Advanced Day 3 Add On:
You Will Have The Ability To Register
for Advanced Day 3 Immediately AFTER Reserving Your Seat for Patient Mastery.

On Sunday Advanced Day 3
[Lunch is Included]

First Half of Day: 
Dr. Wagner Will Show The Best Marketing Strategies for Little to No Out of Pocket Expense
For Greater New Patient Attraction and Referrals

Second Half of Day:
Dr. Wagner Will Share his Most Advanced DC Breakthrough Mastery Material
“I was amazed there’s actually a ‘consultant’
who is willing to take the time to help and not just
look at me as a number making sure
I’m following the gimmicky procedures recommended.” 

– Dr. Nick Crom

“I want to commend you on the program you have put together. Because at first I was skeptical.
I went through it and I am very impressed
with what you have done.” 

– Arno Burnier, DC

“I have been in practice for 35 yrs.
I can only say you’re the real deal.
You are the best.” 

– Dr. Jan van Beelen

“The PPFS strategies are innovative, refreshing and vital for DC practice growth and success in 2016+”

– David Marcarian,
Founder of MyoVision Technology

“I came to Patient Mastery to learn how to connect with patients on a deeper level. 
I wanted to find out what really matters to them and what is really motivating them to make a change.

The Mindset training helped me identify beliefs that were causing fear, doubt, and procrastination. 
The Consultation training taught me what I need to know to create the connection with patients and uncover their deeper needs and motivation. 
Practice is going to be easier, more fun, and more meaningful as I connect with my patients in these ways.” 

– Dr. Jaron Banks

“I came because I wanted to depend less on massive new patients and have more marketing referrals and reoccurring patient visits.

Secondly, have an easier and more fun patient consultations and recommendations conversation.
And Dr. Josh delivered! 
I believe his course will make a big difference in my practice, career and the Mindset Mastery program was an amazing bonus 
attending this two-day program live in San Diego. ” 

– Dr. Doug Lehrer

“I wish I would have learned this 
when I first started into practice.” 

– Dr. Isaac Mooberry

“The return is up to you. But if done it can be a 1000x return investment when taken seriously.” 

– Dr. Thomas Caley

"To learn (unlearn) a new and patient centered system for new patients.

Biggest difference: Time based care plans. Feels congruent!

I think the people in our community will see the difference and will be more interested in referring."

– Dr. Tracy Cranwell

“I came to training to help me improve my PVA. 
After attending, I realized that my PVA wasn’t the problem. It was my mindset. 
After changing the way I think about patients and the care 
I give them, I know that more patients will want to continue care on their own,
without having to feel any pressure from me or my staff.

– Dr. Scott Carrier

"My wife Brenna and I came to the training to:

1. Get her to better understand the PPFS System
2. Continue to help me improve with my mindset and consult and recommendations
3. Learn how to better train our staff 

By owning this material we will improve and better our lives professionally, personally, emotionally, and spiritually.

By working with Josh, we become better in all areas of life!

– Dr. Anthony Cutting

“I came to the training because I’m exhausted and burned out. I’m not working to my full potential. 

I learned that I can work to my potential by believing in myself and my work and I can take the steps necessary to increase my practice to its full potential.

My anxiety level and feeling of being burned out are significantly decreased now at the end of the two days.

The Training was awesome.

– Dr. Greg Gorman

Location: Atlanta, GA
Sheraton Hotel - 165 Courtland St NE
October 26-27:  9-6pm [Fri & Sat]

Advanced Marketing Execution

Add-On Day 3: 
Sunday Oct. 28: 9-4pm
Best Airport: 
  •  ATL - Hartsfield Jackson
Accommodation Options:
  • Sheraton Atlanta: $109/Night Rate Currently:                      404-659-6500
  •  AirBnB
- Parking Available -
More Reasons To Get Here:
Incredible Weather
Close to Airport 
Affordable Accommodations
Connect With Amazing Doctors
Spend Time With Your Partner
Weekend Away With Family
Grow A Stronger Team
Restaurants and Nightlife
No Rental Car Needed
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