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"Hands down the best business decision I've ever made was working with Dr. Josh Wagner.

The material is invaluable and will completely change your practice."

 Dr. Nick Albert
100% Cash, 95% Conversion, 3 Day Weekends

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Meet Dr. Josh Wagner

Chiropractor, speaker, author and creator of Patient Mastery for DCs to become the Go To Chiropractor by delivering the exceptional patient experience, love practice and be on track for financial freedom.

He's helped thousands of Chiropractors in 18 countries breakthrough collections ceiling, increase retention and referrals with more freedom and time off every week. 

Patient Mastery's purpose is that humanity's perception of Chiropractic increases.

"You Deserve It" guides you through the exact steps to take to transform your deserving beliefs and change your life and practice. 

"Dr. Josh Wagner's program was the single best investment I ever made in my business. I went from $18K/month for 20 years and burnt out to over $1M/year . 
He made me love being a chiropractor again!"

 - Dr Rina Tinozzi

DC Success Cases:

"$25,000 MORE Collections per Month Since Working With Dr. Josh Wagner."

 - Dr. Sean Mahoney

"My practice grew to be in the top 1% of chiropractic offices in the country in revenue.

You'll learn invaluable information on how to communicate and position yourself as "the " doctor in your area."

- Dr. Alexandra Swenson

"Dr. Wagner Has Completely Changed My Life & Practice In So Many Ways. Thank You!!"

- Dr. Torry Hinson

"I've been in practice 23 years. I have been to 4 of Dr. Josh's seminars and the week after EVERY seminar we collect at least $50,000+.

Thank you for all you do for my practice."

 - Dr. Brad Richardson
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