Discover How Chiropractors 
Around the World  are Doubling Their Income and Referrals  With One Powerful Method
Quickly and easily attract more high-quality patients who stay longer
and refer others like themselves with this proven process
"We Increased Revenue by 35% in Just Five Weeks as a Result of Dr. Wagner"
- Dr. Billy Long
   Calabasas, CA
"We Increased Revenue by 35% in Just Five Weeks as a Result"
- Dr. Billy Long
   Calabasas, CA
Become The Most Referred To, Sought After 
And Respected Chiropractor In Your Community
Discover How Chiropractors Around the World  are Doubling Their Income With One Simple but Powerful Method

Using The Most Effect New Patient
Consult & Recommendations
Never Taught in Chiropractic...
Quickly and easily attract more high-quality patients who stay longer and refer others like themselves with this proven process. 
"We Increased Revenue by 35% in Just Five Weeks as a Result of Dr. Wagner"
- Dr. Billy Long
   Calabasas, CA
Join Elite Chiropractors of the World
Patient Mastery Live Training
- Limited Seating Available -
Atlanta, GA
October 26-28, 2018 
"Our new patient acceptance rate increased from 80% to 100%.
Yes, 100%!  I’ve never felt so relaxed and at peace in my 15 years in practice.
- Dr. Michael Gasiecki
Netter, GA
The Patient Mastery Protocol:
You Learn How To:
  •  Truly CONNECT with your new patients so they’ll be eager to refer others to you
  •  CREATE recommendations they’ll be happy to invest in
  •  CONVERT prospects to patients and build a relationships quickly without ever feeling like a salesperson
So you’ll work less, spend more time with your loved ones and look forward to going into practice!
International Speaker and Trainer
Author of “Flip the Switch” and
Creator of The Perfect Patient Funnel System
and Breakthrough Mastery
"Thanks to your training, we now get between 5 and 10 REFERRED 
new patients each week!"
- Dr. Alexandra Swenson
Fairbanks, Alaska
International Speaker and Trainer
Author of “Flip the Switch” and
Creator of “The Perfect Patient Funnel System” and "Breakthrough Mastery"
We Help 3 Types of Chiropractors
        New DCs Starting Out Right:
Learn the highest converting and most ethical patient process in the industry. So powerful you’ll use this the rest of your career.

Patient mastery will teach you how to become the most referred-to, most sought-after and most-respected doctor in town, without ever feeling like a salesperson.
Say goodbye to:
  •  Burnout
  •  Anxiety about student loans
  •  Financial stress
It’s time to create the practice and lifestyle you deserve!
 Established [5-15 years in practice]:
You’re feeling the disruption caused by changing insurance practices and increased patient self-pay.

You’re sick of how much time and money you spend on marketing and don’t have a predictably, consistent system with positive ROI.

You spend too much time repeating yourself with new patient education...and they still don’t “get it”.
You’ll get:
  •  A method for faster patient ‘start up’
  •  The key to getting high-quality referrals 
  •  The secret to dramatically increasing retention
    15+ Years in Practice:
You feel burned out and maybe like you’re just going through the motions.

You may even have an extremely profitable practice.

Patient Mastery will show you how the most successful Doctors:
  •  Rediscover a new zeal for going into practice each week
  •  Easily increase retention rates
  •  Quickly boost referral rates from the best kind of patients
And generally boost your enthusiasm and passion about your practice again.
Four Ways You Can Grow Your Practice Right Now:
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  •  Learn 1 Strategy you can use right away for more profitability, retention and referrals in your new patient care recommendations
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Real Feedback from Real Chiropractors:
"Josh, thanks to you my practice now enjoys better retention rates, increased reactivation's and more referrals…"
- Dr. Scott Dupont
Louisville, KY
Discover the Perfect Patient Funnel System
A training program so you can become the most referred-to, most sought-after and most respected doctor 
in your community quickly and easily.
The proven methods used by elite chiropractors to dominate their market
“You’ve invested years of your life into your education 
and the service you provide changes patients' lives. 

What you do really works. 

You deserve to be respected by your patients and your community.
Unfortunately, this rarely happens. You may even experience skepticism by the public and your new patients.
It’s not your fault.
Fortunately, there’s something you can do about it. I know, because I’ve been there.  Frustrated by poor public perception of our profession and always feeling like 
the red-headed stepchild to medicine. 

Tired of memorizing scripts that made patients uncomfortable and left me feeling like a salesperson.

I began thinking outside the box and created an entirely different approach to the practice.  The result is  
“The Perfect Patient Funnel System”. 

I personally guarantee that not only will you learn how to grow your practice consistently and predictably, but more importantly,
you’re going to love going into the office again because your patients are going to love and respect you.”

"The Perfect Patient Funnel System has enabled me to achieve a new patient conversion rate of over 90% in an all cash practice"
- Dr. Nick Albert
Muskego, WI
See The Newest Care Plan Chiropractors Can’t Stop
Talking About...
Featured in The American Chiropractor:

The Easiest Way Every Chiropractor 
Can Immediately Increase New Patient
Investment, Retention and Referrals
Without ANY Extra Marketing, Staff or Practice Hours:
"I’ve been in practice for 25 years and taken many courses on practice management 
and marketing.   
Josh has done something no one else has...
The Perfect Patient Funnel System is better than anything else I’ve ever come across."
- Dr. Andrew Fell
Queensland, Australia
Which Practice Model Do You Have Right Now?
Which Model of Practice Are You In Right Now..?
"Josh has created a model that transformed my practice. 
Everything is simple and effective. 
The stress has literally just melted away"
- Dr. Rich Sadowski
Waterford, MI
"Chiropractors All Over the Globe Thriving"
Dr. Kyrsta
Dr. Krysta Stickler Pueblo, CO
"Chiropractors All Over the Globe Thriving"
-Dr. Kyrsta
Corte Madera, CA
Doctors Just Like You...
"The Patient Mastery program is revolutionary... 
patients are signing themselves up fore care!"
- Dr. Kyle Robbins
Surprise, AZ
"Chiropractors All Over the Globe Thriving"
-Dr. Kyrsta
Corte Madera, CA
DCs Are Thriving...
So Can You.
Dr. Jeff Grosskopf, Wauwatosa, WI
" I have the office I love and I’m happy to go in every 
day, 100% cash, 17 hours/week. "
Dr. Billy Long, Calabasas, CA
" 35% Increase in Practice Within 
2 Months of The PPFS "
Dr. Andrew Robson, UK
" 20% Busier in 5 weeks.
Exceeded my 1st year goals by month 4! "
Dr. Thomas Caley, Philadelphia, PA
" Income Increase 30% (in 2 months) " 
Dr. Rina Tinozzi, Corte Madera, CA
" 30% More Income In 6 Weeks "

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Become The Most Referred To, Sought After 
And Respected Doctor In Your Town This Year

 Dr. Nick Crom

“I was amazed there’s actually a ‘consultant’ who is willing to take the time to help and not just look at me as a number making sure I’m following the gimmicky procedures recommended”

“I want to commend you on the program you have put together. Because at first I was skeptical. I went through it and I am very impressed  with what you have done.” 

Dr. Arno Burnier

Dr. Jan van Beelen

“I have been in practice for 35 yrs. I can only say you’re the real deal.
You are the best.” 
“The PPFS strategies are innovative, refreshing and vital for DC practice growth and success in 2016+”

David Marcarian,
Founder of
MyoVision Technology

"Josh's stuff  works. 
He has helped me help more people through chiropractic."
- Dr. Anthony Rumsey
Anchorage, Alaska
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