Transform Your Practice Collections,
Retention and Freedom
If You're Stuck at a Collections Ceiling - Learn the Proven Process to Faster Collections Increase with Less Stress.

You'll Love Being In Practice With Financial Freedom using
The Deserving Process & Patient Mastery Strategies.
Patient Mastery's purpose is to elevate the world's perception of Chiropractic
delivering The Exceptional New Patient Experience.

Chiropractors become the Go To provider,
love practice with more time off
and financial freedom.
Dr Wagner and Patient Mastery Featured In :
Truly CONNECT with your new patients and community for greater retention and referrals
CREATE care recommendations your patients happily pay for and stay with
CONVERT new patient consults to paying patients easily without ever feeling like a salesperson 
Learn the highest converting new patient process in Chiropractic.  It's so powerful you'll use this successfully the rest of your career for increasing collections and financial stability.
Patient Mastery will teach you how to become the most referred-to, sought-after and respected doctor without ever feeling like a salesperson to your patients.   
Say goodbye to:
Burnout getting started right
Anxiety about student loans 
Financial stress
It's time to create the practice and life you
and your family deserve.
You're feeling the hit of insurance decline...
You're sick of how much time and money you spend on marketing without a predictably, consistent system for increasing collections.
You spend too much time repeating yourself with with new patient education... and they still don't "get it", hours per week doing notes and not enough time off for yourself and your family.
With Patient Mastery  you'll get:
The process for easiest cash conversion
The key to more referrals consistently
Dramatic retention increase 
Far less stress in practice with more time off
You feel burned out and as if you're just going through the motions year after year...
You may already have an extremely profitable practice... but it could do better and FEEL better.
Patient Mastery will show you how the most successful doctors:
Rediscover a new energy inside practice 
Easily increase retention and income
Confidently set yourself up for your desired retirement and practice sale 
... And all around regain your enthusiasm and passion for your practice & Chiropractic as your profits and collections grow easily.
The Fastest Ways To Grow Your Practice Right Now:
  • Schedule a 1:1 Collections Increase Strategy Call
    To See How To More Quickly & Easily Grow Your Collections and Become The Go-To Chiropractor:

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  • If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to generate an additional $100+K collections this year… send me a message HERE and put “Private”…

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Dr. Wagner's Newest Book "You Deserve It"
Helps Chiropractors Achieve Life Transformation and Faster Practice Growth. 

Featured on Forbes, ABC, CBS & NBC Television.
The Fastest Ways To Grow
Your Practice 
Right Now:
Schedule a 1:1 Collections Increase Strategy Call To See How To More Quickly & Easily Grow Your Collections & Be The Go-To Chiropractor:

<< Schedule Your 1:1 Call Here >>

​If you’d like to work directly with me and my team to generate an additional $100K collections this year… just send me a message HERE and put “Private”…

Tell me a little about your practice and your goals and I’ll get you the details.
Watch What These Great Chiropractors
Achieve with Patient Mastery:
Hi, I'm Dr. Josh Wagner.
You've invested years into your education. 
You change patients' lives every day.
What you do works.
If you're not reaching your practice goals there's one question to ask yourself:

"Do you truly believe you deserve the practice success you envision?"

If not, you're not alone.  
I know because I started out there. 

Can you relate to either of these:

- Feeling a slave to your practice and not getting paid what you're worth?

- Not having the reputation as the Go-To provider in your town?

Too many great DCs are stuck in a practice far below their potential and lifestyle deserved. 

I've created a new approach for Chiropractors to deliver the exceptional new patient experience for greatest retention, referrals and getting paid easily.

Along with a mindset transformation called
The Deserving Process for new results fast.
I personally guarantee you'll grow your practice more easily and love going into your office every day because your patients will listen to you, refer to you and pay you easier than ever before.

You'll see substantial income increase with more time off 
and financial freedom for your future.

Join countless amazing Chiropractors using Patient Mastery
for faster growth in practice and and more freedom.
Successes From Doctors Just Like You:

"We Increased Revenue by 35% in Just 5 Weeks as a Result of
Dr. Wagner"

- Dr. Billy Long
Calabasas, CA

"Our new patient acceptance rate increased from 80% to 100%.
I’ve never felt so relaxed and at peace in my 15 years in practice."

- Dr. Michael Gasiecki
  Netter, GA

"Thanks to Dr. Wagner, we now get between 5-10 REFERRED new patients each week!"

- Dr. Alexandra Swenson
Fairbanks, AK

"Patient Mastery has enabled me to achieve a new patient conversion rate of over 90% in an all cash practice"

- Dr. Nick Albert
Muskego, WI

"Collecting $25,000 More/month over average - Best coaching I've had in 34+ years in practice!"

- Dr. Sean Mahoney,
Burlington, VT

"I have the office I love happy to go in every day, 100% cash, 
17 hours/week."

- Dr. Jeff Grosskopf
Wauwatosa, WI

"$100,000 Collections Increase
in 6 Months!"

- Dr. Mark Domanski
Savannah, GA

"Dr. Wagner's Completely Changed My Life In So Many Ways."

- Dr. Torry Hinson,
Boise, Idaho

"Practice is Amazing. Paying Myself 4x MORE... with ZERO STRESS."

- Dr. Paul Kaminski
Grand Rapids, MI 

"I Have Had Nearly 100% Compliance And Conversion."

- Dr. David Lang,
Decatur, Alabama

"I have been to 4 of Dr. Wagner's seminars and the week after EVERY one we collect at least $50K."

- Dr. Brad Richardson
BroomField, CO

"Patients now come to me to get their lives back instead of getting their back popped -
Retention has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more new patients in my first month."

- Dr. Trevor Hampton
Belton, MO
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