Learn The First 3 No-Cost Strategies
To Become The Go-To Doctor
In Any Economy Without More Marketing or New Services
THE 3 Most Valuable DC
COLLECTIONS Growth Strategies.
In This Masterclass You Get What 
Dr. Wagner Teaches Every Client First For Quickly Increasing Collections & Retention & Becoming the Go-To Chiropractor without More marketing.

-  Hosted By Dr. Josh Wagner
   The Patient Mastery Proven Process 
"I went from stuck and burnt out at $18K/month to over $1 million/year.

Dr. Wagner made me love being a
chiropractor again!"
 - Dr Rina Tinozzi

Dr. Wagner Featured In:  

Patient Mastery's purpose is to elevate the world's value of Chiropractic
delivering The Exceptional New Patient Experience.

You become the Go-To Chiropractor.
You get on track for financial freedom.
You have the lifestyle your family deserves.

The Patient Mastery Proven Process Helps
The Good Guys Win In Practice:

- Cash or Insurance
- Straight Chiro or Modalities/Functional Med
- Care Plans or Pay-Per-Visit Model
- All Locations, Techniques or Care Philosophies

STEP 1: 


If your practice collections are stuck below $40K/month -
this is for you.

Take advantage of a gifted 1:1 game plan to see how
to add another $15-20K each month with more time off.



"$18K/month & Burnt Out to 
 $1M+/year with 3 Day Weekends!"

- Dr. Rina Tinozzi

Achieve Your Best Collections
Become The Go-To Chiropractor

Now, Dr. Josh Wagner can coach you to radically increase your collections
Without Ever Feeling Like A Salesperson To Patients!

The Patient Mastery Proven Process Works For:

- Cash or Insurance Practices
- Straight Chiro or Modalities/Functional Medicine
- Care Plans or Pay-Per-Visit Pricing

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Patient Mastery is here to elevate the world's perception and value of
Chiropractors with The Exceptional New Patient Experience.

You become the Go-To Chiropractor
with more time off and financial freedom.

What Chiropractors Achieve Using The Patient Mastery Proven Process:

>$300K/Month in Collections

$156K Collections Last Month

$60K/Week Collections

Do You Experience?

  • New patients disappearing by visit 3 or not even starting
  • Not knowing how to charge for your incredible care
  • Stuck between $20-40K/monthly collections and you need to bring in more...
  • ​​Burnt out or just not loving practice like you once did

Do You Want:

  • To be seen as the Go-To Chiropractor 
  • New patients who pay happily out of pocket and follow your recommendations using a proven process you'd want your own mother to experience at a Chiropractor's office
  • ​To transition from insurance to cash successfully
  • ​To double your collections & a pathway to financial freedom without ever feeling like you have to sell Chiropractic care

Which Category of Chiropractor Are You?


If you're just starting out in Chiropractic or stuck below $15K/month after your first 1-2 years of practice, the first area to address is headspace.

Download a gifted copy of Dr. Wagner's book
You Deserve It at the top of this page [Book Gift] to create deserving beliefs for practice success.

You'll also need to transform the inherited redheaded stepchild of medicine complex our profession engrains in graduates and rise above the many sacred cows of what it means to be successful in Chiropractic that are not true.

Start with the free Masterclass above and then dive into the Patient Mastery Facebook group for practice growth strategy videos weekly.


At this level you likely want and need to increase your collections by $20K/month to knock out loans, save for retirement and give your family the lifestyle they deserve.

You will learn the highest converting new patient process in Chiropractic without ever feeling like a salesperson with more time off and less stress.

Patient Mastery will teach you how to become the Go-To Chiropractor where new patients seek you out.

Start with a gifted << Collections Increase Game Plan HERE >> to ensure we're a fit for you and your practice type.

You are likely the exact DC we help double.

You'll use this successfully your entire career for increased collections and financial stability.


At this level you've got systems in place for a profitable practice... But you know you can do more, want it to be easier and more enjoyable.

Learning the proven Patient Mastery process is the first step for you and your team to transform your new patient experience and collections.

Then Dr. Wagner's Platinum Mastermind group for personal 1:1 attention and direct support from like-minded high-achieving colleagues is your next step.

Achieve your full practice vision or create your next one in Mastermind.

<< Start with a gifted Collections Increase Strategy Session HERE >> to ensure we're a fit for your career goals.

You are the exact doctor we teach how much easier practice and more growth can be.

Meet Dr. Josh Wagner, Creator of Patient Mastery

Everything I teach helps you reduce stress and hours in practice while increasing collections ethically and congruently with your practice values.

If you're tired of overwhelming new patients with heavy education you wouldn't feel comfortable saying to your own mother AND want to be the Go-To doctor in your town --
you will learn how with the proven Patient Mastery Process.

You'll also learn the MAGIC of transforming your Deserving Beliefs for your goals and practice in the areas you've been stuck or stressed.

You can see countless testimonials from doctors who love their practice and getting paid very well for the incredible service you deliver!

30 of 32 NPs within
4 Weeks of Beginning...

Easiest Recommendations Ever!

“What is the best way to grow your collections
without working yourself to death or
adding more services?

The Proven 3 Step Patient Mastery Process:




You Learn To:

  • Truly CONNECT with and LEAD your new patients so they refer more, pay and rave about you online and off
  • CREATE new patient recommendations they’re happy to invest in out of pocket if and when needed
  • CONVERT to paying patients and build relationships quickly without ever feeling like a salesperson
  • ​PLUS: The Deserving Process to Breakthrough Your Financial Set Point and Achieve Your $$ Goals

"ALL Internal Referrals"

"SOOOO Much Easier!"

"Great Weekend Detaching With Family"

Doctors of every practice type, philosophy & treatment protocol
have accomplished incredible growth using the proven
Patient Mastery Process.

“I have worked with many coaches in my 34+ year career and have learned
and grown more with Dr. Josh Wagner's help than any other.

$40,000+ more per month since Patient Mastery!”

- Dr. Sean Mahoney
Colchester, VT

Create a World-Class Practice & Become
The Go-To Provider In Town

If you’re seeing at least 1 new patient per week and USE the language in JUST video 3 of the 1st Module you'll see new patients say YES to your recommendations and your referrals go up by 20+% from newfound leadership.

This can happen in week 1.

Your experience in practice and communicating with your patients will feel easier than ever before.

Within 1 month, when you apply the highest converting new patient consult and recommendations you’ll never again have a pit in your stomach
or any hesitancy going into recommendation conversations
the rest of your career - no matter your fees.

You'll see a spike in new patients accepting and following your recommendations without hesitation and enthusiastically referring more new patients to you.

If you and your team follow the calendar timeline, you can expect to see a 20% increase in your personal income in 6 weeks.

If you collect $50K/month, it's now $60K.

Your confidence leading your practice will be it’s highest.

Your practice anxiety and stress will be it’s lowest ever.

Upon fully implementing the material you’ll not only be one of the most referred to, most sought-after and most respected doctors in your community…

You’ll love showing up to your practice with a focused team working harder for you so you can take care of
grateful patients who refer, return and invest in you easily.


We are so confident you will love the results you get from Patient Mastery and the certainty it gives you for the rest of your career that we stand fully behind our work.

We give you the opportunity to learn the Exceptional 6 Question New Patient Consult, with weekly group coaching calls, a Kick Off Call with Dr. Wagner and our community of amazing docs for a full 30 days with no commitment.

If you are not fully satisfied, you may cancel at any time.
That means you can begin with confidence knowing you'll see exactly what's on the inside before choosing to fully work with us.

With some work, dedication and the accountability our program and community provides, you WILL reach your goals and become the Go-To Chiropractor.

“Dr. Josh, Thanks again for everything you do for all of us.

I've worked a day and a half since Dallas seminar
and have already collected $39,000 cash for the week."

- Dr. Brad Richardson
Broomfield, CO
Multi-7 Figure Practice Owner

Patient Mastery LIVE Intensives Included For Your Entire Team:

What Separates Patient Mastery From Other Coaching?

You learn the 3 most vital pieces for success in today's market no one is teaching inside Chiropractic.

You will transform your collections with less stress and more time off.

The 3 Systems to Doubling Your Practice Collections:

1. The Greatest Mindset for Accelerated Growth & Success:
Your Deserving Belief
Create and strengthen your deserving beliefs in practice and life.
Without this, all the goal setting and growth resources won't work if you do not truly believe you deserve your goals.

2. The Exceptional New Patient Experience:
Mimicked by others but never duplicated, Patient Mastery teaches you the exact process for an exceptional experience with every new patient. You'll get more referrals [without you ever asking] and out of pocket payment and retention easier than ever before.

This is the PM 6Q Consult & 5 Step Recommendations convos that gets you paid like a professional without ever feeling like a salesperson.
All without heavy education, scare-care, 45+ minute “ROFs” or mandatory lectures needed.

3. Expert Care Recommendations, Paperwork and Fees:
No matter what your fees or clinical protocols, you will learn how to communicate with patients to get paid easier and better than ever.

You won't have to change your services, either.
We show you how to do what YOU do better so you get paid and are trusted as the GO TO doctor in town.

When you use these 3 processes you will never have to stress about your office stats again, increase income and love practice more than ever.


Scroll down to apply.

“Hands down, the best business decision I've ever made was to join Dr. Josh's program.
The material he offers is invaluable and will completely change your practice.”

- Dr. Nick Andrew
All Cash & 90%+ Conversion Rate


Direct Access to Dr. Wagner & All The Great Doctors in the Program

    Videos, Audios, Transcripts and PDFs to transform your practice: As soon as you begin you will see growth.
    Outsource learning to your team with CA specific support, group calls and 1:1 calls to grow your practice.
  • NEVER-SEEN-BEFORE DOCTOR PERSONAL GROWTH You'll Learn The Deserving Process Directly From
    Dr. Wagner for Immediate Life Breakthroughs.
    24/7 access to resources and connection with great DCs.
  • DMPO COVERAGE [U.S. Doctors]
    Keeps Your Fee Schedules Legal & Compliant!
    2 with Dr. Wagner, 2 with successful DC mentors.
    You're not on your own island to do the program by yourself. You'll get personal attention and coaching.
    Your entire team is included for Incredible Experience!
    6 Question New Patient Consult
    5 Step Recommendations Conversation
    The Expert Paperwork Solution & Care Plan Blueprint
    Referrals, Reactivations, New Patient Attraction, Fees & Cash Flow Strategies That Will Work Your Entire Career.

Patient Mastery is NOT for Every Chiropractor...

If you are a Chiropractor who:

- Owns Your Practice & Is Coachable

- Ready to learn and apply new strategies that work right away [and don't cost you a dime]

- Not looking for a practice life-preserver

- Friendly and who we'd like to have in our community and see at seminars

- Does the work

- Practices in compliance and with integrity

- Ready for your next level of collections, more time off and financial freedom

You are likely a fit for Patient Mastery.

Below you'll see how to get access to all of this...

“We joined Dr. Wagner in 2017 and every day has been our BEST since!

I've been in practice nearly 20 years and have wasted a lot of money
with outdated information. He truly presents material that no one else does!

Our collections have now doubled with 3 day weekends!

- Dr. Darrin Foszcz
Spring Grove, IL

But First, Can You Answer YES To Each Agreement...?

Patient Mastery Is NOT For Every Chiropractor.

I Am Not Looking To Abandon Chiropractic:

I Am Not Looking to Drop Chiropractic and Only Offer Non-Chiro Services Just To Bill Higher Amounts.

I Also Understand This is NOT a “We’ll Do All Your Marketing And Send You More New Patients” Service.

I Know I Am Not Taught To Sell or "Close" Patients:

This Sabotages Me to Always Need Endless New Patients Because of Low Referrals and Reputation.

There is NO Fear or Pressure Tactics In My Office.

And I am ready for my best patient retention EVER.

I Am Not Looking For A Life Preserver:

I know This is NOT For Me If I’m Not Willing to Take Action On The Material Given.

I Am Not 1 Month Away From Closing My Practice.

I Practice With Integrity:

Scaring Patients About Spinal Degeneration, Preaching Chiropractic as a Religion or Insurance Billing Schemes Have NO Place Inside My Practice.

I Know Everything I Do I Can Show My Patients &
My Chiro Board Without ANY Hesitation. 

“No matter how experienced you are or level of income,
Dr. Josh Wagner can help refresh your mind,
reignite your passion and increase your income!

Thank you, Josh, for the added value to my life and career!”

- Dr. Mark Roczey
  South Orange, NJ
7 Figure Your Practice Owner

Patient Mastery Is Not Just For Million Dollar Practices
To Grow Larger.

If You're Frustrated Not Making The Income You Know You Deserve
For The Incredible Service You Provide,
Watch This Video:

"Most New Patients Ever, 100% Starting Care,
Smashed Through 2 Year Glass Ceiling"

- Dr. Andrew Robson

You Are Less Than 48 Hours Away
From The Greatest Practice Breakthrough
You Can Experience.

Patient Mastery doctors on average see $100,000+ collections increase within their 1st year.

Within the first few videos inside the proven Patient Mastery Process you will see the biggest secret that keeps Chiropractors stuck
at monthly collections FAR below what's possible.

Once you discover this, your collections will never return to where they are now.

The Proven Practice Growth Process

Here's What You Get Inside:

  • 1:1 Focus Calls To Keep You Moving Forward with Momentum
  • The ENTIRE New Perfect Patient Experience:
    Double Your New Patient Conversions & Become The Most
    Respected, Trusted, Referred To and Invested In Doctor
    - The Exceptional 6 Question New Patient Consult
    - The 5 Step Recommendations Convo for Payment & Retention
    - The Care Plan Blueprint! 
  • ​All Expert Paperwork and Forms for Your Recommendations
  • ​​Entire Team Access to Content, Coaching & Team Training
  • ​24/7 Active Private Member Only Facebook Community for Support, Questions and Resource Sharing 
  • ​4 Group Coaching Calls Access EVERY WEEK
    + Australia Time Specific Group Call 
  • ​CA Training, Support, Group Coaching Calls + Facebook Group
  • ​Graduate Practice Growth Strategy Modules:
    - New Patient Attraction
    - Referrals Increase
    - Reactivations System
    - Wealth Booster and Perfect Fees
    - Growth Secrets!
  • ​Patient Mastery LIVE Seminar Tickets
  • ​DC Tribe Connection and Coach!
  • The Deserving Process Advanced Personal Growth Learning
  • ​Access To Discount Medical Plan Organization Coverage to Keep Your Fees Compliant and Legal [U.S. Doctors Only]
  • ​30 Day Love IT or Leave IT Guarantee

Be The Go-To Doctor.

The BEST Chiropractor.
Have The Lifestyle You & Your Family Truly Deserve.

Get Your 1:1 Collections Increase Game Plan Call:


Take a look "Under the Hood"
of Patient Mastery:

“I was amazed there’s actually a ‘consultant’ who is willing to take the time to help
and not just look at me as a number
making sure I’m following some gimmicky procedures.” 

- Dr. Nick Crom

“I want to commend you on the program
you have put together.

Because at first I was skeptical. I went through it and I am very impressed with what you have done.” 

- Dr. Arno Burnier

“I have been in practice for 35 yrs.

I can only say you’re the real deal.
You are the best.” 

- Dr. Jan van Beelen

“The Patient Mastery strategies are innovative,
refreshing and vital for DC practice growth
and success in 2021+”

- David Marcarian,
MyoVision Technology


Do you teach to recommend only 1 year care recommendations for everyone?
NO. That worked in the ’90s and sabotages your practice today. I show you different ways to recommend care that are aligned with your clinical know how and ethics. I teach you HOW to recommend the care you believe is clinically right.
Is this for insurance or cash based practices?
BOTH. You can see countless testimonials from doctors who are all cash, in-network, out-of-network. The strategies apply to any relationship you have and tutorials how to adapt to each.
Are there extra marketing expenses I have to make?
Not ONE. Frustrated by using coaches or systems that don’t tell you until you’ve already paid their fee that now you have to spend an extra $1500+ every month on new patient marketing for it to “work”? You’ll never hear that. Do we recommend some services for nominal investment, yes.

Are any mandatory to use to see incredible results? No.
How is this different from other coaches I’ve used?
Read the testimonials and watch the videos. Doctors find their way to Patient Mastery from every other program and group in Chiropractic because they want something new and different. You won’t be taught the age old practice management strategies with my little spin.

You will be taught ground-breaking different understandings and strategies to immediately fall in love with practice and see profits increase without every saying anything you wouldn’t say to your own mother.
Do I have to change all my forms?
We will give you editable documents of all the forms you need for the perfect new patient experience. You don’t have to re-create anything from scratch. Just download and put your office details on.
Do I have to change my technique?
Never. Doctors of every technique and practice type use Patient Mastery: straight adjusting, modalities, MD/DC, functional medicine, nutrition, everything.
Do I have to change how I practice?
Depends. You will NOT have to add in ANY new procedures. You will not be instructed to spend any more time marketing or spend any more money on marketing. You will be shown how to communicate and guide new and existing patients through an exceptional experience where they want to pay you out of pocket and refer their friends more. That takes communication changes.

“Dr. Josh was the first coach I worked with and my practice grew to be in the top 1% of chiropractic offices
in the country in terms of revenue.

Invaluable information on how to communicate and position yourself as 'The' doctor in your area.”

- Dr. Alexandra Swenson
  Fairbanks, Alaska

It’s Happened For ALL These Great Doctors.
Now It’s Your Turn.

"$100K Income Increase"

Dr. Mark Domansky
Savannah, GA

"More Collections & More Fun in Less Time"

Dr. Reed Moeller
Cincinatti, OH

Dr. John Ballam, Cary, NC

“Since working with you I feel like a stress has been
lifted since I don’t feel like I am having
to figure this out own my own. Thank you so much.”

Dr. Billy Long, Calabasas, CA

"35% Increase in Collections in 4-5 Weeks"

Dr. Jeff Grosskopf, Wauwatosa, WI

"I have the office I love and I’m happy to go in every day, 100% cash, 17 hours/week."

Dr. Torry Hinson, Idaho

Dr. Wagner's Completely Changed My Life
In So Many Ways"

Dr. Sean Mahoney

Michelle Passmore
Perth, AU

Dr. Trevor Hampton
Hampton, MO

"I started this program in hopes of improving patient retention.
Retention has improved about 50% and I saw 25 more
new patients in my first month.

Patients are now coming to me to get their "lives back" instead of getting
their 'back popped'.

Thank you"

 To Say My Life Has Changed
Would Be an Understatement.

 "In practice, our retention rate has gone from 40% to 90%, almost all of our patients pay for their entire care in full now, and are even referring in friends and family after the consult!

I am having way more fun in practice with far less stress,
working less hours and a huge sense of optimism for the future.

Josh's help has improved my relationship with my friends, my wife, my daughter and most definitely my patients.

If you are feeling stuck and want to break through, make the investment in yourself and get to work with Josh.

 To say my life has changed would be an understatement.”

Dr. Trevor Colm
Austin, TX

DCs Thriving Worldwide!

"I Highly Recommend Patient Mastery."

"I had a lot of self-sabotaging limiting beliefs holding me back. However, by really diving all in with Patient Mastery and reaching out to Dr. Josh throughout this process I have begun to clear out my self-imposed limitations and realize I am deserving and able to achieve amazing success.

Dr. Josh has helped me fix mindset, energy, and verbiage that are crucial to laying a strong foundation to better connect with patients.

A huge shift for me came when my wife and I attended the seminar in San Diego.

I highly recommend Patient Mastery. 

 Josh is so genuine and truly means it when he says he's there for you and wants the absolute best for you and your success."
Dr. Anthony Cutting
Eugene, OR
Dr. Paul KaminskiGrand
Rapids, MI 

“Just Finishing Up Module 1 and Already FeelA Renewed and Purposeful Sense of Focus and Energy for the New Patient Encounter.”

"New Patient numbers are up 20% per month BUT 100% of my new patients are coming from referrals or online reviews!

Patient buy-in is almost 100%.
The practice is 100% independent from Insurance reimbursement.

My mindset is completely changed. My communication is un-needy and service driven.
My patient's know I'm here to help them and I'm going to give them an honest recommendation. 

Emphasizing profitability again: I'm paying myself 4x more than I was at that time while working less hours in office and no marketing. Ultimately, practice is amazing. People can't believe that I run a practice all by myself, I'm making a good living, and I'm able to say it's ZERO STRESS. 

Thank you for your wisdom and continued support."
Dr. Hoon Lim
San Diego, California

“Wow. Thank You. I Can See My Practice Has Been Transformed.”

"The Patient Mastery seminar  was one of the most inspiring seminars I had attended for a long time.

Wow. Thank you.

I can see my practice has been transformed and Who I Am Being is a whole new purpose.

The old proverbial "To love, to serve, and to give" is being realized in my soul!"

“It's Making A Big Difference - Not Just To Our Income,
But The Whole Mentality And Feel Of Our Practice.”

"I don't often write reviews or testimonials, but Dr Josh's coaching program 
has been so fantastic I had to make an exception!

It's making a big difference - not just to our income, but the whole mentality and feel of our practice.

The last year I was starting to become a bit jaded with practice, and felt like I'd lost the spark for Chiropractic.

But thanks to this program I'm not just busier, but I enjoy work so much more as well - and my patients can really sense this too. 

Best of all Dr. Josh's ideas on what 21st Century Chiropractic practice should look like are truly groundbreaking! 

I'd wholeheartedly recommend this to any DC looking to improve their patient outcomes, income and job satisfaction."
Dr. Chris Chippendale,
United Kingdom
Dr. Mike Headlee,
Bemidji, MN

“I Learned Many New Distinctions and Have Changed My Day 1 and Day 2 Procedures With Great Results.”

"In practice for 25 years and I’ve had several coaches and taken many courses. 

After The Perfect Patient Funnel System, I learned many new distinctions and have changed my day 1 and day 2 procedures with great results. 

I connect with new clients authentically without scripts.

The mindsets, energies, and essentials that Josh teaches can benefit all DC’s become better in client communications, closing, confidence, and certainty.

If you haven’t signed up for the Patient Mastery, do it today."

“It's Making A Big Difference - Not Just To Our Income,But The Whole Mentality And Feel Of Our Practice.”

"I now have nearly 100% compliance and conversion. 

Setting the tone and pace on Visit 1 has absolutely played a huge roll in compliance and conversions on visit 2. 

Thank you for your help. 

I didn't realize how much my systems needed changed until I saw the changes take place
and allow me to enjoy practice again for the first time in nearly 9 years."
Dr. David Lang,
Decatur, Alabama
Dr. Mike Lim, 
San Diego, CA

“Highest And Most Consistent Collections In The Practice's 30 Year History.”

In my functional medicine practice patients are 100% cash and their plans are generally a much higher case fee than only chiropractic. 

After using Dr. Josh's principles the feeling of rapport and connection with new patients now is incredible and it's made me enjoy enrolling patients rather than having my financial conversations feel like a battle.

This year since using Patient Mastery in our chiropractic and functional medicine practice we're on track to have the highest and most consistent collections in the practice's 30 year history.

“To Say My Life Has Changed Would Be an Understatement.”

"In practice, our retention rate has gone from 40% to 90%, almost all of our patients pay for their entire care in full now, and are even referring in friends and family after the consult! 

I am having way more fun in practice with far less stress,working less hours and a huge sense of optimism for the future. 

Dr. Josh's help has improved my relationship with my friends, my wife, my daughter 
and most definitely my patients. 

If you are feeling stuck and want to break through, make the investment in yourself and get to work with Josh.  To say my life has changed would be an understatement."
Dr. Trevor Colm
Austin, TX



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