Become The Most Referred To, Sought After 
And Respected Doctor In Town This Year
 With The HIGHEST Converting New Patient Consult
& Recommendations 
Never Taught in Chiropractic
for Greater Retention and Referrals
Become The Most Referred To, Sought After 
And Respected Chiropractor In Your Community
Become The Most Referred To, 
Sought After And Respected Chiropractor In Your Community 

Using The Most Effect New Patient
Consult & Recommendations
Never Taught in Chiropractic...
New Patient Consult & Recommendations
Never Taught in Chiropractic
for Greater Retention and Referrals:
"35% Increase in Collections in 5 Weeks From Beginning the Program."
- Dr. Billy Long
   Calabasas, CA
Creator of 
The Perfect Patient Funnel System
 New Patient Mastery 2 Day Training
San Diego, CA
June 8-9, 2018: 9-6pm [Fri/Sat] 
Hotel Republic
"New Patient Acceptance Rate Last Month Was 100%, Up From 80-90%...
I've Never Been So Relaxed And Care Free In The 15 Years I've Been In Practice!"
- Dr. Michael Gasiecki
"5-10 New Patients/Week 100% From Referrals."
- Dr. Alexandra Swenson
Fairbanks, Alaska
Patient Mastery Trainings:

Day 1: DC Mindset Mastery
Day 2: The Perfect New Patient Process
"Better Retention, Better Re-Activations And Greater Referrals..."
- Dr. Scott Dupont
Louisville, KY
Creator of 
The Perfect Patient Funnel System
   Every week we get the same question from doctors... 

"I've been with 4 coaches & management companies the past 5 years... 
  what makes you ANY different...?
Almost every doctor who enters has the same question... So we refer to our raving DC testimonials page. 

Then We Ask: 
Would you be able to show Everything you were told to do from your past
Chiro consultants with your patients
With your spouse?
The Media...?
RARELY we hear YES. 

That's not good... 
You likely became a Chiropractor to deliver incredibly effective natural health care and help change people's lives.
What you do WORKS.

You deserve to be highly respected and sought after in your community for it.

Unfortunately, that doesn't often happen on it's own...
And worse... we more often experience a skeptical perception by the public.

It's not your fault this happened.
We BOTH know the many factors that have caused this...

Dr. Wagner experienced all of this too.
Frustrated by Chiropractic’s low ranking public perception and credibility,
feeling like the red-headed step child to medicine,
taught to memorize scripts that came off to patients as a salesperson 
recommending care that he just didn't believe in…

He wanted more for good Chiropractors who've also been misled. 
Who've struggled to figure it out on their own in a profession with little to no standards.
He took a step back from the way practice has been preached the past 30 years.   
This sparked the creation of 
Patient Mastery &
The Perfect Patient Funnel System:

 A Training Program for Becoming the Most Referred To, Sought After & Respected DC in Your Community... 

DC Specific Mindset Mastery and Expert Patient-Centered Communication

To love going into practice every day the rest of your career
full of patients who love and respect you the same.

That's what every good Chiropractor deserves.
We Help 3 Types of Chiropractors
        New DCs Starting Out Right:
Learn Both the Highest Converting and Most Ethical New Patient Process You’ll Use the Rest of Your Career.

Become the Most Referred To, Sought After and Respected Doctor in Town
Without Ever Feeling Like a Salesperson, Avoiding Burnout and
Not Having to Worry About Student Loan Repayment, Overhead and Creating the Life Your Family Deserves.
 Established [5-15 years in practice]:
You’re seeing that the traditional practice management strategies that worked so well when insurance thrived doesn’t work the same when patients have to pay… 

You’re sick of how much time and expense still spent on marketing, new patient heavy education scripting - yet your new patients still don’t “get it”.
You’ll get a way for new patients to recommend care for far easier start ups, retention and far more referrals.
             15+ Years in Practice:
You’re feeling burnout or a Groundhog's Day practice of going through the motions now, even if practice is as profitable as you’d like.
These teachings will give you new ways to see your patient relationships for easier new patient investment and retention and re-energize your love for being in and showing up to your practice every day.

4 Ways We Help Chiropractors:
  •  Join the Patient Mastery Facebook Group for Chiropractors to see Dr. Wagner’s live videos and make sure to enter your email anywhere on this pate to begin receiving emails with practice strategy tips and live event invites  [Join HERE]
  •  Learn 2 Strategies you can use right away for more profitability; including the revolutionary Time Based Care model for new patient Recommendations
  •   [Register HERE for Presentation]
  •  Attend the next Live 2 Day Patient Mastery Training with Dr. Wagner to get the entire ideal new patient process from start to finish  alongside other great doctors directly from Dr. Wagner with the newest DC Mindset Mastery Strategies included at training.
  •  [Click Here for Next Date and Location to Register]
  •  Enter The Perfect Patient Funnel System for ALL the advanced practice strategies and direct coaching with Dr. Wagner  alongside hundreds of doctors in 18 countries with the 2 Day Live Patient Mastery Training included 
  •  [Learn More Here]
"Conversion Rate Above 90% In All Cash Office."
- Dr. Nick Albert
Muskego, WI
See The Newest Care Plan Chiropractors Can’t Stop
Talking About...
Featured in The American Chiropractor
The Newest Patient Recommendations  
for Easier Care Acceptance
Retention and Profitability:

"... More Than Anything I Have Studied In 25 Years "
- Dr. Andrew Fell
Queensland, Australia
Which Model of Practice Are You In Right Now..?
Which Model of Practice Are You In Right Now..?
"Practice Becomes Simple And Stress Starts To Melt Away."
- Dr. Rich Sadowski
Waterford, MI
"Chiropractors All Over the Globe Thriving"
Dr. Kyrsta
Dr. Krysta Stickler Pueblo, CO
"Chiropractors All Over the Globe Thriving"
-Dr. Kyrsta
Corte Madera, CA
DCs Are Thriving...
So Can You.
"Patients Sign Themselves Up For Care."
- Dr. Kyle Robbins
Surprise, AZ
Dr. Wagner & The Perfect Patient Funnel System Featured In:
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Become The Most Referred To, Sought After 
And Respected Doctor In Your Town This Year.
Get The Exact New Patient Communication
Without Ever Feeling Like a Salesperson to Your Patients
& The DC Mindset Mastery Strategies
To Be The Most Powerful In Practice.

You Deserve This.
"Has Helped Me Help More People Through Chiropractic."
- Dr. Anthony Rumsey
Anchorage, Alaska
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